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  • @livingroomatl is redefining the way Atlanta professionals and creators network. Skip the resume’s and business cards. Nothing influences new opportunities like a comfortable atmosphere. Check the full article at and follow @livingroomatl #LiveInspired #LivingRoomATL @deanbrandmktg

  • The Uprise Books Project encourages underprivileged teens to read by enticing them with books that have been banned or challenged. Justin Stanley, founder of The Uprise Books Project, came up with the idea for a class while he was finishing his MBA at Portland State University. The project was officially founded in 2011. Full story available now on #socialchange #uprisebooksprojects #read

  • Enjoying our personal development content? Thank @itschriscoleman of our most popular contributors. Whether your an entrepreneur working on your start up or someone just looking for advice on how to realize your potential, he’s got you covered. That’s why we call him #thestartuphero! Check out his newest post now on

  • Model, Style Blogger, Former Miss World Europe/Miss Ireland, and NOW our newest fashion writer. Welcome to the team @emmabwaldron we’re glad to have you!

  • Are you creating NEW paths that will lead you to happiness and success? Don’t be complacent! Try new ways to get yourself going in the morning whether it’s coffee or a good run. Set new goals often. Prioritize your days. Live more efficient! #personaldevelopment #LiveInspired

  • We’ve got a treat for our fellow creatives. Check out “Briefly” a documentary that explores the evolution and necessity (or not) of the creative brief from the POV of the creative and the relationship that exists between the client and those tasked with executing the client’s vision. We got the chance to interview the films director Tom Bassett as well. View the film and learn the directors intentions first hand at #Briefly #TomBassett #LiveInspired

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  • In an industry that is still, after so many years and so many female influences, dominated by men, House of June seeks to change that. Check out our new article from our interview with @thehouseofjune #independent #filmmakers

  • Tonight at 8pm we lead a live chat via twitter alongside @uponfreview to discuss the influence of the arts on hip hop as a whole! Share your opinion and join us. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to use the hashtag #UFRlive @kingphill_ @c_jefferson_ @mullahmugzie @amybugoudi @asiaevolv @emily_berkey @x_theartist @alisadunnluxe tag anyone else we may have forgotten. #liveinspired